5 Recycled Projects to do on Early Day!

5 Recycled Projects to do on Early Day!

Posted by Rachel Vieira on April 22, 2021

At Congo Camp we strive to teach children the importance of taking care of our Earth. We encourage bringing our own reusable water bottles from home and also host annual creek walks to pick up trash. Using recycled objects to make crafts is a fun way to teach kids about the benefits of recycling at home. Here are 5 projects to do using recycled materials.

Plastic Bottle Fish

(Source: MeaningfulMama.com)


For this craft you will need: a plastic water bottle, glue, tape, scissors, paint, and googly eyes. Kids love making their own fish designs! 




     This project is quick and easy. All you need is any type of bottle cap and a sharpie to create your tic-tac-toe pieces.       Click here for more detailed instructions.




Bird Feeder

(Source: TheChaosAndTheClutter.com)

This is a great project for younger kids. You will need a paper roll, peanut butter (or any nut butter substitute), and bird seed. Coat the paper roll in peanut butter and then roll it in the bird seed. Hang it on a branch and get to birdwatching! 

Soda  Bottle Terrarium

(Source: Teaching-Tiny-Tots.com)

This is a great way to reuse old 2-liter bottles. You will need a 2-liter bottle with a cap, potting soil, small plants (like Ivy), small pebbles/stones to line the bottom with, and sharp scissors to cut the bottle. We recommend watering with a spray bottle. These terrariums are self contained and can survive without water for several days to a week. Get to planting!


 Plastic Bottle Cap Necklaces

  (Source: ProjectsWithKids.com)

Kids can get really creative with this project. You will plastic bottle caps,    string, paint and paint brushes, and optional stick on jewels. An adult will need  to pierce holes in the caps using a nail in order to feed the string through. 


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